I wanted to thank you so much for your product Isoprex. I know people throw this phrase around too lightly sometimes, but this product has changed my life. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. It is caused by very extreme cases of psoriasis. I have it on my feet and hands. When I could walk, I did so with a lot of pain. I am now walking around pain free and using my hands. Isoprex worked for me when nothing else would.

Thank you and God bless,

– Linda Ford

I’m 79 years old, and I fell and broke my hip about 7 weeks ago. When in the hospital, the doctor and nurses asked me how my pain was. I kept telling them I had no pain. I am now walking without a walker or cane. I still don’t have any pain. I thought about it, and I decided it was the Isoprex that I had been taking this past year. It really works. It is a great product. I gave my daughter some because she was having a lot of pain in her knee. She ran out and asked me for some more. She said it really worked and helped her.

– Joy Montgomery
Ontario, OR

I have been taking Isoprex as directed for 9 days and my arthritis pain has vanished. This is a great product. I was taking 3 narcotic pills a day (maximum allowed) and I am happy to be off this prescription and walking without pain again.


– Paul Hutter

To whom it may concern,

First let me explain that I have never felt the need, urge, or that great about a product to ever write to someone about it.

Now, a brief history: My daughter, 17 years old, has had a history of heart ailments which have burdened her for her entire life. She has been misdiagnosed with asthma, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), and the list goes on. We have tried numerous prescriptions (Propranolol) and nothing has helped. She also suffers from periodic headaches. She has taken Ibuprofen, Alieve, Naprosyn, Aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol, etc. Again, to no avail. Nothing works. Nothing until now. She recently tried some Isoprex for a minor headache, and much to our surprise, it (the headache) went away. The next time she started with chest pains, I was wondering…hmmm…I wonder if this would do anything? And believe it or not. It Did! It made her chest (heart) pain bearable to the point that it was almost gone! We couldn’t believe it!

I just wanted to write to you and tell you: THANK YOU ALL very, very much for creating such a product that would make her pain go away.


– John C. Archer

I have been taking Isoprex for more than a year. I can’t be without it. Now, I can see why Isoprex is one of the most popular pain fighting powers out there. It’s incredible.

– Rebecca Guerrero

Dear Sirs,

I am writing in regards to your product ISOPREX and wish to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for an excellent product. I have never written into any company before, but I just had to contact you to congratulate you on not only having an excellent product but also for your fantastic customer service representatives. I injured myself in the hip last year when I fell outside my home down steps in the snow. I hurt my right hip very badly and have been in extreme pain with stiffening of my joint. This pain radiated up and down from my waist to my thigh. I have received months of physical therapy with deep tissue treatments and still the pain continued to bother me for 11 months.

Happily for me I received notification of your product about a month ago and placed my order for a 3 month supply, which arrived on August 12th. I started taking the supplements the very day, and as of this date my level of pain has gone from a 10 to a 4. This is after only 9 days of using this supplement. I have stopped taking both ADVIL and Tylenol which I was so afraid of and I am now able to start exercising again on my stationary bike.

Thank you very much indeed for creating this natural wonder called ISOPREX.

Sincerely yours,

– Lydia Allotey
Danbury, CT

After seeing an orthopedic doctor for light pain in my left knee, I received 3 shots in the knee with hyaluranic acid. Within 5 minutes of the last shot, I was in constant pain. I asked now what do we do. Their answer was that they have nothing, but they will replace the knee at my request. After reading what Isoprex would do, I sent for three bottles. After the first day of taking 6 pills of the 10 days recommended, I was pain free. My knee joint is not touching yet, so replacement is not an option now that I have Isoprex. My knees are 83 years old, so this is a good test of your product. Thanks again for coming out with a non prescription that works.

– Edwin Miller
Callaway, FL

I love ISOPREX as it works especially well on joint pain which I have a lot of. I feel like it supports and even increases the effects of some of the other meds and herbal remedies I use. ISOPREX is my daily staple that I find I can take every day without seeing the good effects reduced. Also, I have no negative side effects from it like I sometimes get with other things I have to take.

– Chrys G.
Laguna Niguel, CA

I ordered Isoprex for the first time in May of 08. The brochure looked and sounded good and with the money back guarantee I thought it was worth the try.

My husband, Johnny, and I have both been taking it, and to our pleasure, Isoprex has helped a lot.

I am 58 and have always had foot problems. I was born with an extra bone in my feet (which I found out is fairly common) but it tends to cause a lot of pain when I am on my feet al ot or do not wear orthotics . . . it is summer . . . I live in Florida . . .and I like sandals. I also have a heel spur that would keep me awake at night. It took about a week to start seeing a difference with Isoprex . . . the improvement is tremendous.

I am not going to tell you that it is "the cure all" of all pain and discomfort, but it has helped tremendously; and sometimes a little help is all you need!

Now, Johnny had back surgery about 5 years ago for a bulged disc. They were able to fix that but he has spinal stinosis; which means there is a narrowing in the area around his spinal cord causing rubbing on the nerves. This stinoisis equals 24/7 pain and burning. He has been taking prescription Loritab for years just to get by. Since starting with Isoprex he has been able to decrease the Loritab by 1/2 and hopes to keep decreasing it

We appreciate a good "natural" product and will definitely recommend it.

– Barbara Johnson
Panama City, FL