Isoprex Ingredients Stop Pain 8 Ways!

  1. Neutralize “bad” COX-2 without affecting “good” COX-1 – so you reduce inflammation and pain and keep your stomach safe.
  2. Shut down the prostaglandin E-2 (PGE-2) that destroys joint tissue and causes searing pain – so you keep walking and moving pain free.
  3. Block the inflammatory enzyme 5-LOX that increases pain – so you can enjoy life again.
  4. Shut down the deadly inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha that flares up during the flu and other inflammations – so you don’t worry about flu season this year.
  5. Reduce iNOS, an enzyme that produces too much nitric oxide and leads to inflammation – stops pain dead in its tracks.
  6. Lowers oxidation and free radicals that can cause damage throughout your body – gives you the key to long-term health.
  7. Reduce NF Kappa B (NF-kB) – conquers the villain in lung inflammation.
  8. Slow down isoprostanes that increase your perception of pain – help get rid of the pain you feel – your number one goal.

[Image: Doctor Formulated Isoprex Brings Comfort]

3 “Doctor” Secrets to Making Isoprex Work Even Better….

As a doctor, I know you have to take natural products correctly to get the best relief from pain. Here are my secrets to the most effective pain relief with Isoprex…

  1. Have accurate expectations. Many people have been told that natural remedies don’t work. Not true. Let me tell you ISOPREX WORKS.
  2. Take the right amount for your “Responder Type.” Not everyone responds to medications and supplements the same way. If you are a Medium or Slow Responder, take 2 caplets, 3 times daily for one to three months then take a maintenance dose of 1 caplet twice a day. I suggest you order the 6-month supply to save money and have enough on hand.
  3. Keep taking it – even when you travel. You want to get your inflammation down and keep it down. Don’t let up even for one week. Order the 6-month supply to save money or sign up for my bargain Auto-Ship offer so you don’t run out and have to start all over again.